Conference on Imagination

The 2022 CREATE conference was all about imagination.

This conference focuses on the human ability to imagine and on well-developed sense of fantasy. What is it that makes us unable to avoid fantasising? We take a look at both research and art in an attempt to identify the role that imagination plays in our lives. Come and learn more about your imagination in the next of the series of conferences organised by the CREATE Festival.


Andreas Lieberoth
Associate professor and researcher at DPU – Danish Institute for Pedagogy and Education – Pedagogical Psychology, Aarhus

Imagination is not just fun and games. Without a certain amount of imagination, we would be unable to cook dinner, and our species would probably never have considered leaving Africa and populating the globe. Imagination is both a driving force of our evolution and a product of it. This may be why it can seem so hard to assign to a particular part of our minds. Imagination only arises when all the brain's systems work together to create a unique mental laboratory where we can think in new ways, look ahead in time, daydream or just come up with amazing fantasies for fun.

“Nature study” by Julie Nord, one of the 2022 conference speakers.
“Nature study” by Julie Nord, one of the 2022 conference speakers.

Lars Theil Münster
Literature expert and author

Lars Theil Münster is the author of the critically acclaimed Danish book “Det Læsende Menneske” (“The Human Who Reads”). In this book, he examines what happens to us when we read fiction, and how reading stimulates among other things our imagination, empathy and social curiosity. Lars Theil Münster will talk about how we create our own images and imaginary worlds as we read works of fiction; and why our imagined images and perceptions are, on the one hand, all of our own and, on the other, something we all have in common.

Kim G. Hansen
Radio producer, sonic artist, composer and musician

Radio, podcasts, audio books and audio storytelling have entered a new golden age where creative sound design and advanced narrative techniques are the key to high numbers of listeners. The use of different sound sources and shaping the components of the story/narrative to produce a soundscape that resembles music, allows the listener's imagination and emotions to be activated. Kim G. Hansen has i.a. made sound design for the podcast “Mors afskedsbrev” (“Mother’s farewell letter”) by Adrian Hughes.

Julie Nord
Visual artist educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and is i.a. known from the “Kunstnerkolonien” (“the artistic colony”) on DR (Danish Broadcasting Cooperation)

Julie Nord talks about her work processes and how her own imagination impacts her art. Watch the interview with Julie Nord here:

Sia Søndergaard
Project manager at Animated Learning Lab under the auspices of Center for Animation, Visualization and Graphic Storytelling at The Animation Workshop/VIA UC. Master in children's and youth culture, aesthetic learning processes and multimedia

Sia Søndergaard's presentation will be about the power of the imagination and visual storytelling as practical tools in aesthetic learning processes in schools. We bring the subjects with us when entering “Special World” as a learning space and come out with new professional competencies.


Visual from Animated Learning Lab.
Visual from Animated Learning Lab.